Damp Coursing

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Damp Coursing

Damp coursing (also known as damp proofing) is an excellent way to treat a property that is experiencing damp problems. However it is also often used to prevent damp from re - occurring. If you have been experiencing problems with damp in your home, then damp coursing could be the ideal solution for you.

Experts in Damp Coursing

Damp coursing is our expertise here at 'D L Dufton', so much so that we have made it our main service. We take great pride in our damp coursing and consistently aim to deliver high quality damp coursing and damp issue services.

The damp coursing that we offer is a waterproofing system that is installed into the walls of a property. It prevents moisture and liquid from passing through and causing damp. This makes damp coursing an excellent way to protect your home and its contents.

Done Let Damp Destroy Your Home - Choose Damp Coursing

Untreated damp can leave destruction throughout your home; causing damage to decor, furniture, plaster & timber; whilst also leaving a foul damp smell that can linger for several months. This is what makes damp coursing so important. Our team are experts in treating damp and can have your home smelling and looking like new again in no time.

If you require more information about damp coursing or would let to make an appointment with the experts here at 'D L Dufton' the please get in contact with us today.

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