Dry Rot

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Dry Rot

Dry Rot can become very costly to treat if not dealt with in a timely manner. Although called 'dry rot' it is often caused by dampness and moisture and should be identified and treat quickly.

Dry Rot can easily spread through building materials other than wood, such as masonry. This means that dry rot can spread through a property very quickly causing major widespread structural damage.

We Eliminate Dry Rot

Dry Rot should be treated by trained professionals to ensure the problem is dealt with effectively. If you believe you may have dry rot, then some sure signs to look out for includes:

  • Wool like growth which resembles cotton wool.
  • Fruiting body that has a red rust dust around the fungus when in dry rot.
  • Looking for timber rot. The wood may shrink and darken in colour and cracks.

If you have any of the above then it's quite likely that you have dry rot and you should act now to treat the issue.

Dry Rot Professionals

Our team of dry rot experts can carry out an extensive survey on your property to identify the source. Some of the most common reasons for dry rot can be from everyday items such as, leaking pipes, washing machines, showers and baths.

Once the dry rot is identified we will carry out whatever treatment necessary to eliminate it. Contact our team today for more information about dry rot and how we can help.

What Next?

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