Pebble Dashing

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Pebble Dashing

Pebble dashing can create a great feature to any property. When choosing D. L. Dufton to provide you with pebble dashing you will not only be getting a fantastic service, but high quality pebble dashing that can last for up to 70 years.

Pebble Dashing that Comes Second to None

Pebble dashing consists of cement mixed with sand and pebbles. This basic method has been used for many years, and over the past 20 years has been perfected by us.

Pebble dashing is common in older houses that have an older finish. Many of these older houses may find cracks and damp patches in their pebble dashing and therefore the exterior of the house may need redoing.

Protect you Property for Years to Come With Pebble Dashing

Pebble dashing is a great solution for protecting the external walls of buildings from extremes weather conditions and acts as an attractive coat that will extend the life of any property. Pebble dashing offers an exterior coating for many types of properties that can last for many years to come.

If you are interested in pebble dashing and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact out team.

What Next?

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