Penetrating Damp

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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is a common problem that can affect any building. It normally occurs when problems within the building (or plumping) allows water to leak into the walls. Penetrating damp often looks harmless, but can in fact be very damaging to a property (even when not fully penetrated through the walls).

Don't Let Penetrating Damp Cause a Problem in Your Home

Penetrating damp can cause long term problems, such as; damage to a home's decor, decay to timber and mould growth; so treating it early on is vital. However, penetrating damp is also often difficult to pinpoint, so calling in professional help is a must.

Some symptoms of penetrating damp to look out for include; watermarks, damaged plaster, damp patches on walls that do not dry out, black mould, a musty type smell and possible damaged timber. If you have any of these signs then you should contact D L Dufton today to discuss steps into treating penetrating damp.

We Stop Penetrating Damp in its Tracks

One of the first steps we take in resolving a penetrating damp issue would be to identify and fix the source of moisture that has caused the problem. Once we have identified the problem area we will look at treating it, and repairing any plaster/timber damage where necessary.

Here at 'D L Dufton' we are experts in treating penetrating damp so you can rest assured that any affected area will be left good as new. Contact our team today for more information and advice.

What Next?

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