Timber Treatments

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Timber Treatments

Timber treatments can be simple and efficient and can extend the life of your wooden structures. Timber treatments increase the durability of wood against insects, bacteria, rot and various forms of wooden fungi, that can all cause softening, splintering and loss of strength. When it comes to timber treatments the experts here at D L Dufton come second to none.

Effective Timber Treatments

Timber treatments offer the best solutions for dry rot, woodworm and wet rot. If left untreated all of the previous can lead to devastating effects; so it is vital that you act now if you think that your property is suffering from any one of these.

Before undertaking any timber treatments on your property, we will do an in depth review of the damage to ensure you are fully aware of the process from start to finish. Our timber treatments are carried out by highly skilled tradesmen who have over 20 years' experience within the industry, so you can rest assured we will fix your problem in the advised timeframe.

Timber Treatments from a Company You Can Trust

Timber treatments are our expertise. So whether you require help with dry rot, wet rot or woodworm, we can help!

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What Next?

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