Wet Rot

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Wet Rot

Wet Rot is not as hard to treat as dry rot, due to it only being able to travel through wood. However, it can still lead to severe damage if left untreated. Here at D L Dufton, we have effectively been dealing with wet rot for over 20 years, and aim to ensure that the wet rot does not return once we have finished the job.

Wet Rot Solutions

There are many different types of wet rot, however there is just once treatment for all. When treating wet rot there is usually no need for chemical treatments, however in some instances we may use chemicals as protection to new timbers, or where there has been a heavy growth of fungal.

Wet Rot types that are easily recognisable include; brown rot and white rot. Both affect wood differently. For example brown wet rot causes cracking and shrinkage of the wood, where as white wet rots reduce the wood to a string like fiber.

Treat Wet Rot Now

Our wet rot treatments starts off with an in depth review to pinpoint the source, before taking any action. If you believe that some timber in your property is suffering from wet rot, then please call us now on the number shown below.

What Next?

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