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Woodworm isn't actually a worm - in fact, they are insects that bore into wood, causing damage to a building's structure, its flooring and furniture. Its unlikely that you will see a woodworm in your home, however you will be able to see the devastating effects that they leave behind if left untreated.

Has Your Home Got Woodworm? We Can Help!

Woodworm is a seasonal pest, usually emerging in between the months of May and October. Woodworm left untreated can weaken timber and eventually even effect the structure of your property. If your home has been effected by woodworm, then we can help!

If you have woodworm then we can usually treat the infected areas without the use of any chemicals. However, we may use chemicals on new timber to protect it from future infestations.

Get Rid Of Woodworm Fast

Our woodworm treatment all depends on the type of infestation, but usually includes treating the area with insecticides. However, in some cases the timber may need to be replaced.

We have many years of successful experience with dealing with woodworm, not to mention a trail of happy clients. If your timber is suffering from woodworm, then don't delay and longer. Contact our team today to arrange a consultation.

What Next?

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